Country Report (Due Dates Specified on Course Outline)

One of the requirements for successfully completing this course is a country report on a developing (or not very developing) country or countries of your choice. The report should be done in a group of two (three with permission). Please make sure you discuss the topic with me by the due date specified on the course outline.

1. The purpose of a country report is to apply economic analysis to an issue in a developing country (or countries facing a similar issue)

2. To accomplish this task, think of yourself as a member of the World Bank or International Monetary Fund's economic analysis team and your responsibility is to recommend a solution to a problem found in a developing country or region. If you are not a fan of the WB or IMF, you can assume you are working for an organization such as OXFAM or an NGO.

3. Be sure to limit the scope of the problem.

4. Make sure you make use of all available resources to arrive at a well-researched recommendation. 

5. A twenty-minute presentation to the class will be required.

In your presentation, please follow the following format

a)     PROBLEM DESCRIPTION—carefully and completely describe the problem you have researched

b)  CURRENT SITUATION—explain and analyze how the country’s government and institutions and the international community are currently dealing with the specific problem

c)  PROPOSED SOLUTION—using economic analysis tools, explain your proposed solution

1.  BIBLIOGRAPHY—be sure to follow appropriate methods for citing sources; cite sources within the body of the paper that support your analysis

You may use your preferred citation style.