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Week 1

January 4 (T) January 6 (R)

Introduction to East Asia- Finding Out What We Know and Don't Know

Lecture 1: Introduction to East Asia     (PPT)


Required Readings:


1). Covid Tracker1    Covid Tracker2

1). Collapse of tourism cost five Asian nations 1.6 million jobs: UN

2). (An older article) Does Asia’s superior response to COVID mean that the ‘Asian Century’ has begun?


Resources on Websites: Asian Development Bank     Atradius Group Publications   CountryWatch     Human Development Indicators     IMF Country Information   World Bank East Asia Pacific     World Factbook


Assignment 1 (Due January 31) - Construct a short (no more than 10 slides) presentation introducing a country in East Asia other than China, Japan, or Vietnam. Do not simply present statistics and be sure to note the major current economic and\or political issues.  You will be asked to make a presentation during Week 4. You may do this assignment in a group of 2 or 3.

Week 2


9, 11

A Little History - East Asian Miracle


A Little History - East Asian Crisis

Lecture 2: East Asian Miracle     (PPT)


Lecture 3: East Asian Crisis     (PPT)


Required Readings:


1). Bhagwati, Jagdish (1996). ‘The Miracle That Did Happen: Understanding East Asia in Comparative Perspective,’ Keynote speech delivered at Cornell University.


2). Krugman, Paul, (1994). ‘The Myth of Asia's Miracle,’ Foreign Affairs


3). Stiglitz, Joseph, (2000). ‘What I Learned at the World Economic Crisis,’ New Republic.


Additional Reading: World Bank (2003). ‘The East Asian Miracle : Economic Growth and Public Policy,’ Main report (English)

Week 3


16, 18

The Economy of Vietnam


Lecture 4: Vietnam   (PPT)     (Vietnam Monetary Policy)


Required Readings:


1). VNExpress (2021) How Vietnam’s economy has changed over 35 years of reforms


2. IMF (2018) The Story of Viet Nam's Economic Miracle     (Vietnam Rising Video)  


3). Atradius (2020) Vietnam Country Report, November 2020


4). Atradius (2021) COVID vaccinations key to Vietnam's GDP growth for 2021


5). World Bank (2021) Digital Vietnam: The Path to Tomorrow. Taking Stock


6). McCornac, D. C. (2013). ‘Vietnam’s Foreign Policy Tightrope,’ East Asian Forum.


Resources on Websites: The Diplomat     Vietnam Express International     Vietnam Investment Review    Vietnam General Statistics Office     VietnamNet     Vietnam News     World Bank-Vietnam   


Videos: Best Places to Visit in Vietnam     Old Quarter Food     Traffic   Traffic1

Week 4


23, 25

The Economy of Vietnam


Presentations on Countries

Country Presentations

Week 5

January 30

February 1

Presentations on Countries Continued

Country Presentations Continued



Week 6



Presentations on Countries Continued


Country Presentations Continued


Assignment 2 (Due February 20) - Examine some of the websites dealing with a country other than the one you did for your presentation (you can include Vietnam).  Submit a 2–3-page report discussing a current issue that is particularly relevant to the country you choose. Reference at least 5 sources (Internet sites are fine). This is not a group assignment.

Week 7


13, 15


Additional Country Information – Filling in the Blanks


Ambiguous Role of the State and Economics of Corruption

Additional Country Information – Filling in the Blanks (TBD)


Lecture 5: Ambiguous Role of the State and Economics of Corruption    (PPT)     Economic Rent


Required Readings:


Transparency International (2020). How Does Corruption Shape Asia


Resources on Websites: Capitalism vs. Socialism     Human Rights Watch     Index of Economic Freedom     Transparency International


Videos: Hands     How Corruption Starts


Midterm Take-Home Exam (Due March 13)   (PDF)



20, 22

Exploring the Chinese Economy

Lecture 6: Chinese Economy     (PPT)


Required Readings:


1)., ‘Communes, Land Reform and Collectivism in China.

2). 14 things you may not know about China's Economy

3). World Bank (2021). ‘China Economic Update’


Resources on Websites: China Economic Review     Xinhuanet     People’s Daily Online


Videos: China Economic Update


February 22 – Tentative country report proposal due (please arrange for appointment)

Week 9, Sunday February 27, 2022 – Thursday, March 3, 2022

Spring Break, No classes



6, 8

Exploring the Chinese Economy Cont’d

Required Readings:


1). Chatham House (2021) What is China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)?  


2). Atlantic (2021) The Chinese ‘Debt Trap’ Is a Myth


3) CSET (2020) China’s 14th Five-Year Plan


Additional Lecture Materials: Made in China 2025 (PPT)     A brilliant plan, One Belt, One Road


Videos: Chinese Environment Part 1     Chinese Environment Part 2     Made in China 2025     What is China’s Belt and Road Initiative?


Assignment 3 (Due March 28) - Write a 2-3 page paper detailing what is generally perceived as the most important challenge facing the Chinese economy. Do the opinions in China differ from those outside China? This is not a group assignment. Reference at least 5 sources (Internet sites are fine).

On Your Own

To Live

To Live, is a film directed by Zhang Yimou, provides an overview of key events in twentieth-century China, moving from the 1940s to the 1970s.



13, 15

The Japanese Economy

Lecture 7: Japanese Economy   (PPT)


Required Readings:




2). Japan Economy Today (2021)


3). Japan’s sharemarket finally emerges from three lost decades


Additional Readings:


1). McCornac, D. C. (2014) ‘New Nationalism’ in Japan


2). (2018) ‘How's Life in Japan?


3). Immigration in Japan


Resources on Websites: Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus     Nikkei Asian Weekly     The Diplomat


Videos: Ageing Japan | The Burden of a Graying Planet | 101 East    From Abenomics to Suganomics: Japan’s Economic Outlook     Ten Best Places in Japan       



20, 22

 Intro to Regional Organizations and Issues


South China Dispute



Videos: ASEAN explained in 5 minutes


Videos:  Tensions Escalate in The South China Sea: Why China Build Islands to Claim The Sea     What’s behind the South China Sea dispute? | Start Here  


Resources on Websites: Asian Development Bank     APEC     ASEAN     Asian Economic Integration Monitor     Asia Regional Integration Center



 27, 29

Maritime Disputes Cont’d

Maritime Dispute PPT


Articles:   Asia’s territorial disputes     H&M upsets Vietnam after kowtowing to Beijing over ‘problematic map’     Philippine defense chief in verbal tussle with China on reef    



3, 5

Consultant Report Presentations




10, 12

Consultant Report Presentation






Catch-up Time and Topics of Interest


Exam Period 

Take-Home Final Exam