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Introduction to East Asia- Finding Out What We Know and Don't Know

Lecture: Introduction to East Asia     (PPT)


Resources on Websites: Asian Development Bank     Atradius Country Reports     Human Development Reports     Familiarization      IMF Country Information  OpenDevelopmentMekong     The Diplomat     World Bank East Asia Pacific     World Factbook


Videos: An Introduction to East Asia     An Introduction to Southeast Asia     21 Best Places to Visit in Southeast Asia


Additional Reading: The Coronavirus in Asia and ASEAN – Live Updates by Country


Assignment 1 (Due June 3) - Construct a short (10 - 15 slides) presentation introducing a country in East Asia other than China, Japan, or Vietnam. Do not simply present statistics and be sure to note the major current economic and\or political issues.  You will be asked to make a presentation on June 3rd , 4th , 7th or 8th.  You may do this assignment in a group of 2 or 3. (Example: Singapore Presentation)


18, 19,

20, 21

A Little History - East Asian Miracle and Crisis



Lecture: East Asian Miracle     (PPT)     Lecture: East Asian Crisis     (PPT)     ThaiBaht


Required Readings:

1). Bhagwati, Jagdish (1996). ‘The Miracle That Did Happen: Understanding East Asia in Comparative Perspective,’ Keynote speech delivered at Cornell University.

2). Krugman, Paul, (1994). ‘The Myth of Asia's Miracle,’ Foreign Affairs 

3). Sheng, Andrew and Xiao Geng (2012). ‘The East Asian Miracle Revisited,’


Videos: Four Asian Tigers     Asian Financial Crisis 1997: The Asian Contagion     Mahathir vs The IMF: The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis


Additional Reading: World Bank (2003). ‘The East Asian Miracle : Economic Growth and Public Policy’ Main report (English))

May 31

June 1, 2

Exploring the Economy of Vietnam

Lecture: Vietnam     (PPT)


Required Readings:

1). IMF (2020) Vibrant Vietnam - Forging the Foundation of a High-Income Economy. (Look at Executive Summary).

2). IMF (2019) Five Charts Explain Vietnam's Economic Outlook

3). World Economic Forum (2018) The Story of Viet Nam's Economic Miracle     (Vietnam Rising Video)  

4). Bertelsmann Stiftung (2018). ‘Country Report - Vietnam.Gütersloh: Bertelsmann Stiftung.

5). Foreign Policy (2019). ‘Vietnam Can’t Be the Next China

6). McCornac, D. C. (2013). ‘Vietnam’s Foreign Policy Tightrope’ East Asian Forum.


Resources on Websites: The Diplomat     Vietnam Express International     Vietnam Investment Review     VietnamNet     Vietnam News     World Bank-Vietnam


3, 4, 7,

8, 9

Country Presentations

Refer to the Country Presentations Webpage for Copies of Presentations


Midterm Take-Home Exam (Due June 16)     (PDF)


Article: Vietnam Economy's Virus Recovery Touted as 'Pho-nomenal'

June 10




Ambiguous Role of the State and Economics of Corruption

Lecture: Ambiguous Role of the State and Economics of Corruption     (PPT)

Economic Rent


Additional Readings: Transparency International (2019). ‘Asia Pacific: Little to No Progress on Anti-Corruption     


Resources on Websites: Capitalism vs. Socialism     Human Rights Watch     Index of Economic Freedom     Transparency International


Videos: Hands     How Corruption Starts


11, 14, 15

Exploring the Chinese Economy

Lecture: Chinese Economy     (PPT)


Required Readings:

1)., ‘Communes, Land Reform and Collectivism in China

2)., ‘The People’s Republic of China: 70 Years of Economic History

3). Council on Foreign Relations (2019)China’s Massive Belt and Road Initiative

4). Baker and McKenzie (2017) ‘Belt & Road: Opportunity & Risk’


Additional Lecture Materials: Made in China 2025 (PPT)     World Bank in China Overview     South China Sea Disputes


Resources on Websites: China Economic Review     Xinhuanet     People’s Daily Online


Videos: China’s role in the MENA region post-COVID-19     Chinese Environment Part 1     Chinese Environment Part 2        IphoneSkit     


Assignment 2 (Due June 22) – Write 1) a 750-word essay detailing what is generally perceived as the most important challenge facing the Chinese economy. Do the opinions in China differ from those outside China? This is not a group assignment. Reference at least 5 sources (Internet sites are fine). In addition, write 2) a 250-word essay on your impression of the movie “To Live,” which you will watch on June 16.

June 16

(No Synchronous Class)

Watching To Live

Watch To Live, a film directed by Zhang Yimou, provides an overview of key events in twentieth-century China, moving from the 1940s to the 1970s. The link to the film can be found on YouTube: TO LIVE. The YouTube quality is good, but you will need to click on subtitles if not already setup. The film is excellent, but there are a few scenes that you may find disturbing.

June 17, 18

Exploring the Chinese Economy Continued



21, 22, 23

Exploring the Economy

of Japan

Lecture: Japanese Economy     (PPT)


Required Readings:

1). Ohno, Kenichi (2005), ‘The Path Traveled by Japan as a Developing Country: Economic Growth from Edo to Heisei’, Yuhikaku Publishing Co. Ltd., Tokyo. (Chapters 11, 12 and 13)


3). Japan Macro Advisors – Great for all information on Japan Economy.


Additional Readings:

1). McCornac, D. C. (2014) ‘New Nationalism’ in Japan

2). McCornac and Zhang (2016)  Japan’s Migrant Worker Conundrum

3) (2018) ‘How's Life in Japan?


Resources on Websites: Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus     Nikkei Asian Weekly     The Diplomat


Videos: 29 Things That Exist Only in Japan     WomanomicsExplained     HowSuccessfulisWomanomics

Final Exam (Due June 30)     (PDF)


24, 25

Intro to Regional Organizations and Issues


China-US Trade War






Resources on Websites: Asian Development Bank     APEC     ASEAN     Asian Economic Integration Monitor     Asia Regional Integration Center


Additional Materials on China: A Quick Guide to the US-China Trade War     The US-China Trade War: A Timeline    


Additional Materials on Brunei: Brunei Economics Outlook     Brunei: Spoiled Subjects of the Sultan     Map of Brunei     How The Playboy Prince Of Brunei Blew Through $14.8 Billion


Additional Videos: Covering the Rohingya: Separating fact from fiction - The Listening Post      Rohingya Muslims: what is happening in Myanmar?