Suggestions for Consultant Report Topics

  1. What is the most significant economic problem that Cambodia must address?
  2.  What is the most significant economic problem that China must address?
  3. Concerning the environmental impact of China’s development process, how has it impacted the other countries that rely on the Mekong?
  4. Is it too late for Japan to ever be an economic power again?
  5. What are the costs and benefits of North-South Korean reunification? Construct some scenarios.
  6. How should Cambodia address its education level?
  7. How can the ethnic problems in Myanmar (Burma) be addressed.
  8. How should the world deal with the opening of Myanmar? 
  9. Why can be done to get Thailand out of its middle-income trap?
  10. Should the rest of the world worry about China’s Belt and Road Initiative?
  11. How should the trade issues with Japan and Korea be addressed?
  12. Choose a challenge facing a country in East Asia and offer a solution.
  13.  What should be the role of Qatar in East Asia?