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Week 1



Introduction to East Asia- Finding Out What We Know and Don't Know

Lecture: Introduction to East Asia     (PPT)

Resources on Websites: Asian Development Bank     Atradius Country Reports     Human Development Indicators     Familiarization      IMF Country Information  OpenDevelopmentMekong     The Diplomat     World Bank East Asia Pacific     World Factbook

Assignment 1 (Due February 3) - Construct a short (no more than 10 slides) presentation introducing a country in East Asia other than Cambodia, China, Japan, or Vietnam. Do not simply present statistics and be sure to note the major current economic and\or political issues.  You will be asked to make a presentation during Week 4. You may do this assignment in a group of 2.

Week 2


13, 15

A Little History - East Asian Miracle



Lecture: East Asian Miracle     (PPT)     Lecture: East Asian Crisis     (PPT)

Required Readings:

1). Bhagwati, Jagdish (1996). ‘The Miracle That Did Happen: Understanding East Asia in Comparative Perspective,’ Keynote speech delivered at Cornell University.

2). Sheng, Andrew and Xiao Geng (2012). “The East Asian Miracle Revisited,’

Additional Readings: World Bank (2003). ‘The East Asian Miracle : Economic Growth and Public Policy:’ Main report (English)

Introduction to Cambodia: The Killing Fields     A RIVER CHANGES COURSE Part 1     A RIVER CHANGES COURSE-Part 2

(You are required to watch these films – Content may contain scenes that may be disturbing)


3 and 4


20, 22

27, 29

The Cambodian Economy

Lecture: The Cambodian Economy     (PPT)

Lecture: The Khmer Rouge     (PPT)    

Required Readings: Cambodia Economic Update

Video: Khmer Rouge fall still dominates Cambodian politics 40 years on     The Killing Fields (you are required to watch this movie)     Tonle Sap: Saving Cambodia's Great Lake

Cambodia: 40 Years After Genocide

Additional Readings: China Reshapes The Vital Mekong River To Power Its Expansion

Resources on Websites: Khmer Times    OpenDevelopmentCambodia     Radio Free Asia     The Cambodia Daily     The Phnom Penh Post     Voice of America-Cambodia    

Documentation Center of Cambodia: Homepage   The Sleuk Rith Institute  

Week 5


3, 5

Presentations on Countries

Country Presentations

Assignment 2 (Due February 17) - Examine some of the websites dealing with a country other than the one you did for your presentation.  Submit a 2-3 page report discussing a CURRENT issue that is particularly relevant to the country you choose. Reference at least 5 sources (Internet sites are fine). This is not a group assignment.

Week 6


10, 12

Ambiguous Role of the State and Economics of Corruption

Education and Health in Economic Development

Lecture: Ambiguous Role of the State and Economics of Corruption    (PPT)

Lecture: Human Capital: Education and Health in Economic Development in Asia     (PPT)

Additional Readings: Transparency International (2019). ‘Asia Pacific: Little to No Progress on Anti-Corruption.ASEAN’s human trafficking woes     Confronting Southeast Asia’s Big Education Challenge     Cambodia’s Failing Education System     Global Childhood Report 2019: Changing Lives in our Lifetime (read summary, particularly rankings)    

Resources on Websites: Asia University Rankings     Child Labor and Forced Labor Reports     Health Issues in Asia and the Pacific     Capitalism vs. Socialism     Human Rights Watch     Index of Economic Freedom     Transparency International

Videos: Hands     How Corruption Starts


Week 7


17, 19

Catching- up time and

Exam 1 (February 19)


Week 8


24, 26

The Environment and Development in East Asia

Lecture: The Environment and Development in Asia     (PPT)

Videos: China’s Dirty Little Secrets    

Resources on Websites: United Nations Division for Sustainable Development     International Institute for Environment and Development

Week 9 (Spring Break February 27 to March 7, 2020)

Week 10


9, 11

The Economy of Vietnam

Lecture: Vietnam     (PPT)

Required Readings:

1). IMF (2019) ’Five Charts Explain Vietnam's Economic Outlook’

2). IMF (2018) The Story of Viet Nam's Economic Miracle     (Vietnam Rising Video)  

3). Bertelsmann Stiftung (2018). ‘Country Report - Vietnam.Gütersloh: Bertelsmann Stiftung.

4). Foreign Policy (2019). ‘Vietnam Can’t Be the Next China

5). McCornac, D. C. (2013). ‘Vietnam’s Foreign Policy Tightrope,’ East Asian Forum.

Resources on Websites: The Diplomat     Vietnam Express International     Vietnam Investment Review     VietnamNet     Vietnam News     World Bank-Vietnam

Assignment 3 (Due March 25) - Write a 2-3 page reflection paper on your experience in Cambodia (A reflection paper is your chance to add your thoughts and analysis to what you have read and experienced. ... A reflection paper is meant to illustrate your understanding of the material and how it affects your ideas and possible practice in future).

Week 11


16, 18

Exploring the Chinese economy

Lecture: Chinese Economy     (PPT)

Required Readings:

1)., ‘Communes, Land Reform and Collectivism in China.

2). Congressional Research Service (2018). ‘China’s Economic Rise: History, Trends, Challenges, and Implications for the United States.’

3). World Bank (2013). ‘China 2030: Building a Modern, Harmonious, and Creative High-Income Society(look at overview).

Resources on Websites: China Economic Review     Xinhuanet     People’s Daily Online

Videos: What's going on with China's economy? - BBC News     Global Investment Outlook – New Year 2019 – China’s economy slowing

March 16 – Tentative country report proposal due (please arrange for appointment)   

Week 12


23, 25

Exploring the Chinese Economy Cont’d

Required Readings:

1). World Bank (2018). ‘China Economic Update

2). Baker and McKenzie (2018). ‘Belt & Road: Opportunity & Risk The prospects and perils of building China’s New Silk Road.’

3). Peter Cai (2017). ‘Understanding China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Additional Lecture Materials: Made in China 2025 (PPT)     A brilliant plan, One Belt, One Road

Videos: Chinese Environment Part 1     Chinese Environment Part 2     Made in China 2025     IphoneSkit

Week 13

March 30

April 1

The Japanese Economy

Lecture: Japanese Economy     (PPT)

Required Readings:

1). 1). Ohno, Kenichi (2005), ‘The Path Traveled by Japan as a Developing Country: Economic Growth from Edo to Heisei’, Yuhikaku Publishing Co. Ltd., Tokyo. (Chapters 11, 12 and 13)


3). Japan's Economy, Abenomics, and Impact on U.S. Economy

Additional Readings:

1). McCornac, D. C. (2014) ‘New Nationalism’ in Japan

2). (2018) ‘How's Life in Japan?

Resources on Websites: Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus     Nikkei Asian Weekly     The Diplomat

Videos: Ten Best Places in Japan     WomanomicsExplained     HowSuccessfulisWomanomics

Week 14


6, 8


Refer to Presentation Schedule for Consultant Report

Week 15


13, 15


Refer to Presentation Schedule for Consultant Report

Week 16





Take Home Exam       (Word)


Articles for Take Home Exam

Week 17

Final Exam

Take-Home Final Exam

Take - Home Exam Due