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Yara Abdelmaged, Zeynep Çelik and Obadah Diab

How can addressing labor force issues get Thailand out of its middle income trap?

December 9

Abdul Rehmaan Qayyum and Abdul Qudus Sanni

Effects of the one-child policy in relation to the aging population in Vietnam

December 4

Rafia Al-Jassim,  Sameera Al-HajAbed and Mehaira Mahgoub

Environmental Impacts on the Host Nations from China's One Belt One Road Initiative

December 4

Abdulla Alzaidan and Hamza Parvez

China and financial regulation: the road to better accountability and transparency.

December 2

Abdulaziz Abunada, Mohammed Al-Khulaifi and Ghanim Al-Yafe

The Effect of China's economic policy on African economies

December 2

Dialla Jandali and Jong Bo Lee

A step toward the Korea Reunification : the implications of the educational gap between South and North Korea

December 9